Hotel Bleach Stain Repairs Canada

Hotel bleach spot repairs


This hotel had bleach stains scattered throughout one floor. This is very common due to the cleaning agents used on a daily basis. 

bleach spot permanently dyed


After our carpet colour correction process of neutralizing, defoaming and colour matching- you cannot tell there was ever a bleach spot!

Carpet Colour Correction & Area Rug Restoration

A Niche Service for the Hospitality Industry

Bleach Spot Repair

This is a very common problem for the Hospitality Industry. Accidents happen when cleaning agents are used on a daily basis, and you need your establishment to look it's best at all times. 

Colour loss can result from household bleach or other chemicals being spilled on carpet, which causes unsightly faded spots. These areas may appear as white, orange, or yellow spots on your carpet. We are able to perfectly restore these spots, and we guarantee a perfect colour match, regardless of your carpet colour! Multi-coloured carpet and patterned carpets may also be fully restored!

Colour Restoration

Carpets that have faded from sun light or chemical exposure may be restored back to their original colour through our expert colour restoration services. Our dyes are guaranteed permanent and colourfast, and freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.